Tyler Texas Self Defense For Women

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Tyler Texas self-defense for women is vital. Women are a group of people who have been historically preyed upon. Women are disproportionately attacked than any other group. Attacks on women happen because of the societal view of what women can and can’t do. Women appear to be vulnerable and easy targets.

In some cases, they are more vulnerable because of the lack of options for self-protection. Tiger-Rock can help change that narrative and help women be just a little bit safer. To understand the importance of why this is necessary, we have to know more about why attacks on women happen so often.

Outside of women being able to protect themselves, we need to show women how they might be able to prevent attacks from happening. For example, staying in well-lit areas can help. Also, walking in a large group is almost a surefire way to be kept safe. It is less likely someone will attack a group of five women as opposed to one by herself.

We at Tiger Rock have to be able to put safety at the forefront of our goals. That’s why we offer self-defense classes for women at our dojo. If Tiger-Rock staff or any student sees a woman getting attacked, we must be prepared to do everything we can to help her. Actively helping attacked women could help lessen the frequency of attacks on women just because they’re women.

Self-defense is an essential skill for women to have

Women’s History of Safety

Woman have historically been victims of assault. Society victimizes women because of the role they play in society. In America, women are viewed as the nurturing and affectionate ones. Both of those traits are associated with vulnerability. When you are vulnerable, it is easy for someone to think that you can’t defend yourself. Therefore they feel they have the power to take advantage of you.

Tiger-Rock wants to help alleviate the vulnerability of women.

A successful attack only happens when the other person is not able to protect themselves adequately. The thing about martial arts is that you may be very well trained in the art form and not necessarily look the part. People who can defend themselves usually happen to be men or be muscular. However, that’s not what you gain with martial arts. You acquire a set of skills that you can use for safety and a strong mental state.

After having gone through the classes, you will be safer each time you go outside. You will have the confidence to know how to handle someone if they try to attack you. With the new sense of confidence, you will be able to see how things like your posture and voice will change and be able to hear you ap If it permeates enough, then the hope is that you never half to use those moves on anyone.

Sticking Together

We want to turn you into a warrior

The main thing that helps woman lessen their chances of getting attacked is something that they already do naturally; stay in groups. Most people, no matter how strong they are, will not attempt to attack anyone if outnumbered. In most cases, a group of five women can take on a grown man no matter how strong he may be. And even they can’t, they can more easily get help or call the police. To avoid leaving yourself open for being attacked, stay in groups and use other preventative measures to avoid.

Other ways to prevent attacks:

  • Avoid being in areas that they could be targeted (alleyways and shaded areas)
  • Don’t escalate the situation
  • Don’t engage with the attacker
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Have someone walk you to your car

Making it as hard as possible for the attacker to hurt you will better ensure your safety.

Sending A Message

The work of ensuring the safety of the most vulnerable does not fall on them alone. In a perfect world, attacks on women wouldn’t happen in the first place, and there wouldn’t be a need for self-defense training. But sadly, that is not the status of the world.

Coming to terms with how the fact that there are bad people in the world is the first step starting to solve the problem. Tiger-Rock wants to be a leading force in that movement. One of our goals is to serve as a symbol that sends a message to the city of Tyler. We want to be a symbol where when women see us; they know that they have a safe place here. That they can come in and get the training that they need and the dojo community will have their backs the whole way.

The message we want to the city is to the attackers. That message is that the women of Tiger-Rock will not to be victims. Tiger-Rock training is top-notch. We train women to protect themselves by any means. And if one woman can’t protect herself, plenty others can pick up the slack.

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Protecting women isn’t meant for men to take the helm in being the one to save the day. Women being protecting is intended to empower women to be able to do it themselves. However, the work needed to accomplish that is two-fold. First, it falls on the women themselves to take the courses designed for self-protection. Tiger Rock is a place you can come to get the knowledge that you need. If we can not do that, then our efforts will be in vain. Secondly, everyone else needs to protect the women that can’t safeguard themselves, both men and other women. No one should walk around afraid every second. Women, unfortunately, have been doing so for a long time. At Tiger-Rock, we say, “no more!” Call us today at (903) 991-4219 or visit us here to sign up for our self-defense classes!

Tyler Texas self-defense for women is a critical mission for Tiger Rock.