Tyler Texas Self Defense Classes

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Tyler Texas self-defense classes are essential to feeling comfortable. If you’ve ever walked by yourself at night, took a wrong turn, or have just been lost,  you have probably felt fear. The main reason for concern is the possibility of someone coming after you. Even if there is someone in your proximity and they aren’t going to harm you, the idea persists.

Now let’s take that idea and tweak it a little. What if you had a way to protect yourself? What if you had a taser, some mace, or a gun? Those are great options, but they all have one thing in common. It would be easy for someone to disarm you.

What if you can use your entire body as a weapon to protect yourself? That’s where martial arts come into play. At Tiger-Rock, only learning the moves isn’t enough to protect yourself. We don’t want you putting yourself in situations where you would have to defend yourself. The Tiger-Rock team has an entirely separate course where we teach you how to protect yourself through various methods. We start by teaching you how to prevent a dangerous situation, then teach you how to use physical retaliation.

We can give you the self-defense instruction you need

Tyler Texas Self Defense Classes

To live a full and healthy life, a person’s sense of safety has to be sound. Walking around, constantly worried about a possible threat, is no way to live. Here at Tiger-Rock, we can help you feel a little bit safer after having taking one of our Tyler Texas self-defense classes. We teach actual courses that cater to protecting one’s self.

If someone tries to attack you, you may have to respond with physical restraints, guards, or attacks. We teach you how to assess potential threats and the best way to deal with them. Safety is another measure that we stress. Safety is the idea of being able to put yourself in the best position to prevent being a victim of an attacked.

Some of these methods include the following:

  • Not Traveling Alone
  • Avoid Alleys
  • Avoid Walking in the Dark
  • Stay in Well Lit Areas
  • Appear Strong

Sometimes these things aren’t possible, and someone might try to take advantage of you. When someone is trying to hurt you, you’ll want to use the techniques that you will master at Tiger Rock.

Never Attack

Knowing how to perform martial arts is a great gift. Like the famous quote, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” You must refrain from using your martial arts to attack people for malicious reasons. We have some students that have come to Tiger Rock after being attacked in the past. In some of those cases, they may even know who their attacker is or know how to get to them. They might also take classes to defend a loved one. No matter how much the attacker might deserve it, you must never set out to attack anyone. The moves are to be practiced in the safety of a dojo with a sparring partner under an instructors supervision or to protect yourself. Again, you must never set out to attack anyone with your martial arts.

Defending Others

As a martial artist, not only can and should you protect yourself, but you can also protect others if you are comfortable doing so. If you are uncomfortable putting yourself in danger — as you should be — there are other ways in which you can do something.

Those options are as follows:

  • Yelling
  • Calling 911
  • Getting Others Attention
  • Throwing Objects
  • Mace
  • Pepper Spray
Tyler Texas Self Defense Classes

Tyler Texas Self Defense Classes

A Peace of Mind

Above all else, a lot of people come to Tiger-Rock to learn how to defend themselves.

When people try to attack others, they do so because they think they can. Not so much because it’s just blind torment, but because whoever they are planning to attack looks like they can’t put up a fight.

The thing with martial arts is that people hardly ever look the part. Martial arts isn’t a flashy art form and don’t require considerable muscles to know how to execute the moves effectively.

Our classes will continue exclusively to teach you how to protect yourself and feel safe. People should not think they are unsafe while living their lives. Unfortunately, that is not the world that we live in, so we have to be ready for the worst. Even though you will be learning martial arts and how to defend, we do not teach or condone our students going out to attack anyone. Physical protection is meant as a last resort if you can’t do any of the other preventative measures. Lastly, if someone is attacked, you don’t have to be an idle bystander. You can use your knowledge to defend others who can not do so for themselves.

The Right To Defend

It is undeniable the benefits of learning any form of martial arts are apparent. The focus is primarily on physical and mental fitness. But the equally apparent focus is safety. Your ability to protect yourself increases exponentially after learning martial arts techniques. Learning martial arts should not be the end of your quest and right to feel safe. It should be one of the many options you have for yourself to stay protected. Prevention and situational awareness can help you in many risky situations.

Doubling down on your safety is imperative no matter who you are. A single person learning how to protect themselves does more than help them alone. It also makes the people around them a lot safer as well. Learning protection techniques is one small decision you make to impact the world you live in or the better. To learn more about how you can benefit from Tiger-Rock’s self-defense classes, call us today at (903) 991-4219 or visit us here.

Tyler Texas self-defense classes at Tiger Rock east Texas aren’t only for you; they’re for everyone.

Tyler Texas Self Defense Classes

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