About The Academy

Martial arts school in Tyler, TX

For over a decade, kids and adults in Tyler, TX have received martial arts, life skills, and physical fitness training at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. By combining the cherished tradition of taekwondo with the latest advances in physical fitness, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers a challenging and rewarding workout that has transformed many lives across the country.

Charles & Amy Lauffer  are the Head Instructors for Tiger Rock Martial Arts School of Tyler. Amy and Charles have dedicated their lives to teaching martial arts and are valued members of the Tyler community.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts School of Tyler is a proud member of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International, one of the largest martial arts associations in the United States. Since 1983, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has trained thousands of students in the martial arts.

Why choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Tyler, TX

Students enjoy the many benefits including:

  • Age-specific curriculums.
  • Self-paced training.
  • Certified instructors.
  • Year-round competitive opportunities and the local, state, and national level.
  • No long term contracts.
  • Unlimited training privileges.

We welcome students of all ages and backgrounds to our martial arts and Taekwondo school in Tyler. Whether you are experienced in martial arts or just getting started on the mat, we invite you to come see what Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Tyler is all about.

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Enroll yourself or your child into one of our amazing programs at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Tyler. Family discounts available!