Tyler Texas Karate Classes Near Me

Posted on May 13, 2019 by Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Are you searching for Tyler Texas karate classes near me? Look no further. Tiger Rock is a sizeable martial arts chain with locations around Texas. We have 20 locations that make it that much easier for your convenience. In all of those locations, we all have an adult’s and kid’s program so the whole family can get involved.

At Tiger Rock, there are few things that we want everyone to learn in their time here.  That’s the fighting style of taekwondo, self-defense, and our anti-bullying commitment. We adapt every lesson we teach with those goals in mind. As people learn, they can easily grow into seeing themselves in what we are trying to do. It is always nice to have our students resonate with our own goal in themselves.

Tyler Texas Karate Classes Near Me

Tyler Area Karate Classes

The Art of Taekwondo

Developed in the mid-40s, Taekwondo is a high energy kick-based style of fighting. It’s rooted come from the Asian country of Korea. Because of its multilevel kicks and jumps it requires intense energy and practice to perfect.

At Tiger Rock, students will learn how to perform this martial arts technique. We provide lessons for kids ranging from six to 15. At age sixteen, a student goes into the adult class and can continue their training. When taking Taekwondo with us, it is not just about how the student grows physically. Taekwondo is also about how each person grows mentally. This is even more important because of how it directly relates to performance.

How Taekwondo can change a person internally are based on the Five Tenants of Taekwondo.

  • Courtesy (yeui / 예의, 禮儀)
  • Integrity (yeomchi / 염치, 廉恥)
  • Perseverance (innae / 인내, 忍耐)
  • Self-control (geukgi / 극기, 克己)
  • Indomitable spirit (baekjeolbulgul / 백절불굴, 百折不屈)

The five tenants of Taekwondo even fall in line with our own goals at Tiger Rock.

  • Helps you improve your physical fitness
  • Improves your flexibility
  • Teaches self-defense
  • Boosts your cardiovascular health
  • Enhances your mental toughness
  • Builds confidence
  • Sharpens your ability to focus
  • Reduces your stress

Learning at Tiger Rock will enhance not only the body, but every aspect of the individual.

Tyler Texas Karate Classes Near Me

Karate classes for Kids in East Texas


One of the most important of our goals for our students is self-defense. No matter how safe and comfortable someone may feel, danger could be anywhere. Learning how to defend oneself adequately can make them feel even safer. At Tiger Rock, students will be taught how to defend themselves in real-world situations. It will not do any good to only practice martial arts in a controlled environment.

Again, the goal is not to be an aggressive assaultive person. The goal is to defend oneself and deescalate a physical threat. We teach this through strikes, kicks, and blocks. This is to either get the assailant to retreat or allow more time for help to arrive.

For practice in house, of course, there will be plenty of sparring opportunity. Some students will take a liking to it and want to spar more often as they grow in skill indicated by their belt rankings. Here at Tiger Rock, we host several different tournaments and competitions at the local, regional, and national level.

Anti Bullying

Bullying is not only a constant presence but nowadays, it is taking forms in different ways. Not only is bullying still physical through school, but it is now online as well.

Here at Tiger Rock, we do not teach how to go and attack a bully. We educate our students on both bullying prevention and anti-bullying education.

Learning exactly what something is will give you an idea of how to combat it. Our young students learn more about bullying, and we pair that knowledge with physical training. This makes students feel empowered. When someone attempts to bully a Tiger Rock karate master, he or she will be more confident in how they deal with the bully. This is the exact reason why we teach both self-defense and anti-bullying.

Bullying has the possibility of getting physical. If a kid is ever in the position, he or she knows that they have the proper and safe training to protect themselves. This benefits the many kids that come through our dojo. Bullying can cause a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Having the proper training in self-defense can repair that confidence in the child.

We do not teach kids to be violent just because they know a few techniques. It’s all about defending oneself. A few of the tactics that we teach at Tiger Rock are awareness, communication, and of course self-defense.

Tyler Texas Karate Classes Near Me

Kids Karate Classes Tyler TX


In awareness, kids are taught to notice situations that can enhance possible bullying situations. For instance:

  • Avoid being alone
  • Recommending students walk in groups with friends
  • Resist escalation
  • Do not keep the bullying a secret


With communication, we teach kids to let an adult know what is going on. That is a quick way bullying can be stopped. We teach kids to use their voice. Using tone and inflection techniques can even alter the outcome of an aggressive bully.


We teach them self-defense as a last resort. This is used so that they may protect themselves from harm and is never taught for the student to become the aggressor. The student will get plenty of practice in class, on the mat, safely.

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This growing city of Tyler, TX is great for fostering community. The best way to do that is for the community to participate in a popular activity. In the midst of this, the city will grow with each other and everyone will feel just a little bit safer. With the entire city learning martial arts, Tyler can be known for more than their roses. Soon, everyone will be looking for Tyler Texas karate classes near me. And you will find all of them at Tiger Rock. Call us today at (903) 509-8782 to learn more, or contact us through email.