Tyler Texas Self Defense Classes For Kids

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Tyler Texas self-defense classes for kids is one of the most valuable things you can do for your kids. Kids are growing up in a world more dangerous than generations before them. Being outside in your front yard isn’t even safe anymore. Even in schools — which are supposed to be the most reliable places — deal with both internal and external harmful forces for your child.

Tiger Rock can help aid in protecting your kid further when you’re not around. However, we don’t teach them just how to throw kicks and punches. We use that as a last resort tactic only to protect themselves from physical harm. The first thing to avoid any confrontation that can end up in violence is prevention. Your kid will learn a curriculum of some ways to avoid getting themselves in a situation where they could potentially be in harm’s way. Outside of protection, we have a curriculum of where we teach them about anti-bullying. Your kid will effectively know how to deal and not become a bully. Not only that, but we will also teach them not to be tolerant of bullies. They will learn different methods of dealing with bullies, such as getting an adult involved.

One of the details that we stress is making sure that they don’t go out and fight anyone. Their knowledge of martial arts are meant only to protect themselves and should never be used to elicit attacks from bullies or anyone else.


Tyler Texas Self Defense Classes For Kids

Tyler Texas Karate Classes for Kids

Learning how to defend yourself isn’t all about being physical. At Tiger Rock, that will be taught as a last resort. We teach our kids several different tactics and techniques on how to deescalate a situation before it gets aggressive.

Since we have a self-defense course for kids, one of the things that we teach them is to get a teacher involved. Adults have the authority to end a potential physical confrontation on the spot. Also, the teacher themselves are also trained in how to handle students who are going to fight without being physical.

However, we at Tiger Rock understand that a teacher isn’t always around and they will have to defend themselves. We show them everything they will need to know in that regard. After going through the course, the will be well equipped and have the confidence to protect themselves at all times.

Our self-defense training is called the “Elite Counter-Aggression Training.”

This is a program meant to use a variety of martial art moves — like taekwondo and jiu-jitsu — that focuses on striking, grappling, kicking, and lastly evasion.

The first step in being prepared for physical violence, we will teach your kid how to assess risk factors in any given venue. This is a skill that will help them as they go through the rest of their lives.

There are places where it is inappropriate to break into a fight as adults, like the workplace. But assessing aggressive nature is a skill that your kid will be able to draw from in and outside the dojo and as they get older.


Tyler Texas Self Defense Classes For Kids

We have kids classes and adult classes!

As your kid learns more moves and rises in their skill set, it is imperative that they do not abuse their martial arts. We at Tiger Rock will make sure that they don’t.

As they move through the ranks of the kid program, they will go through our anti-bullying education. We stress this for the young kids so that they don’t become bullies themselves.

Tiger Rock shows your kids tactics in order to decrease their chances of becoming a bully. Those skills are as follows:

  • Avoid being in areas that they could be targeted
  • Walk in groups with friends
  • Don’t escalate the situation 
  • Don’t engage with the bully
  • Do not keep the bullying a secret

Not only do they learn how to protect themselves, but we encourage them to become leaders in all of their surroundings. For some of their peers in their school may not have the knowledge in anti-bullying education. They should know what to do in that situation as well.

We teach them in the ways listed below:

  • Don’t be a bystander and speak up
  • Don’t join in.
  • Report bullies to an adult

Abstain From Fighting

To be a martial artist. students must abstain from fighting. Some students have come to Tyler TX Tiger-Rock specifically for the anti-bullying education. They may have done so because they have been bullied in the past or are going through it now. The point of Taekwondo and all martial arts are not to seek revenge on wrongdoers. They must not go out to attack people just because they can. That is a known as a misuse of power. The misuse of martial arts is frond upon, not taught in the anti-bullying education program, and not condoned.

Tyler Texas Self Defense Classes For Kids

Be strong on the outside and the inside

Teach Your Kid Protection with Tyler Texas Self Defense Classes For Kids

Teaching your kid martial arts to protect themselves is another preventative measure. They may never need to use it in their entire lives. If that is the case, then we at Tiger-Rock in east Texas are so happy about. But, it is always better to have than to not. Enrolling your kid in a self-defense class is a great way to further ensure their safety when you are not around.

In this day and age, you can never be too safe just like you can’t always be with your kid. In the event that they do have to protect themselves, they will know the proper techniques to do so. With our prevention methods, hopefully your child won’t ever be in a situation where they have to use their martial arts. In the case that they do, they will be taught to use their new skills in a way that minimizes damage. Along with the prevention methods, we will be teaching the idea of anti-bullying. This will make them be non-tolerant to bullying so that they don’t become one themselves.

Tyler Texas self-defense classes for kids is essential as any school curriculum. Call us today at (903) 509-8782 or visit us online to learn more.

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