Tyler Texas Karate For Kids

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Tyler Texas karate for kids is one of the best activities for kids to stick with well into their adult lives. Kids have many interests growing up but not many sticks. Karate is a great activity for kids of any age. Karate is a highly active and contact sport. However, with all of that action, it is deliberate and concentrated. It works on a child’s fine motor skills and can even be their first introduction into being a part of a larger community.

But before being a part of that community, they must learn and abide by the rules of that community. It has the discipline that kids need outside of the parents growing up. Also, it teaches kids to respect authority in the form of their instructor. Lastly, karate benefits kids by instilling in them things like self-worth that everyone needs to be a productive person for themselves.

All of this not only serves the kids presently, but it lays the groundwork of soft skills that we will need the older they get and become part of society. When they get more into the world through different communities, careers, and peer-to-peer, relationships they will already have those skills flexed.

Tyler Texas Karate For Kids

Tyler Texas Karate For Kids


Doing karate is not just something you can pick up and put down. It is an activity that is instantly telling of how much work you put into it. If you don’t practice, you will not grow in your classes. If you want to be great in karate, you have to sacrifice what you would normally do to practice your techniques and movements. After working hard, you will slowly start to see the results of your hard work. You will begin to get better and better and see your belt ranks go up.

But, discipline is used for more than just karate. You can use the skill of discipline in every aspect of your life. Discipline is obeying a set of rules in any given space. Of course, it references things like school and work, but you can also use it for yourself which is called self-discipline. Self- discipline is the idea of overcoming what holds you back in order to do what you think is right. Even knowing how tempting it is to quit.

That is even the more important skill that kids learn while doing karate. There will be moves that they come across that they feel they cannot do. But, if their self-discipline is strong, they will continue until they are successful.

Tyler Texas Karate For Kids

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Respect for Authority

The main skill that kids learn while in karate is respect for authority.

The instructor commands more respect than any coach of any other sport. The instructor, master, or “shifu” is always in total control of the class that they are teaching.

Shifu — using these Cantonese symbols “师傅 or 师父”  is Cantonese word meaning skilled person, teacher, or tutor. This symbol “” by itself means “father” which explains the high level of respect.

Just like a father, your shifu will always be there to encourage the student but to give them tough love when they aren’t performing adequately.

Tyler Texas Karate For Kids

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The main thing that affects kids is self-worth. Self-worth is a concept that can take people a long time to come to terms with. Self- worth — common to self-esteem — is someone’s own opinion on how they feel about themselves. It can be negative or positive. What we at Tiger Rock strive for is to have all the kids that come through our door is for them to have a positive outlook on themselves. With the scope of ages that we come in contact with, we have to deal with ranging densities of how any given child might view themselves. The age where self-worth is most severe is most prevalent in the middle school years and beginning of high school.

Where we come in, is building that student up and highlighting their own confidence in what their abilities are. A lot of what the students do is already in them when we first meet them. What our job is, is to pull it out of them and highlight it so that they can see it for themselves.

Once a kid can see themselves in that light, the sky is truly the limit for them. Also, once the positive is built solidly in that kid, it becomes hard to break. So much so that when — inevitably — a peer in their school or community tries to challenge that, it won’t shatter easily. They will be ready to adequately stand in who they truly are and not let anyone else affect that.

Your Kids Need Tyler Texas Karate For Kids!

All of the kids in the program wear several hats. They are sons and daughters, students, best friends, and cousins. Going through their ever hardening lives, it would be a difficult one without the presence of a strong set of tool to navigate the changes. Changes that are happening faster than they even know. With a kid having to do all of these different tasks, they need several places that places to reinforce these life-long skills. A karate dojo is a place that can serve as a perfect catalyst for young kids to get life skills outside of the home and to also get them reinforced.

Karate classes aren’t just about showing kids how to do taekwondo moves. It’s not just about self-defense nor is it just being about physically fit and healthy. It’s about understanding who you are as a person and how you can contribute to the community that gave you so much. You can’t do that without knowing how to behave outside of the house. To reach your goals, you must be disciplined. You have to respect authority to open up opportunities for yourself. Lastly, you have to know your self-worth to know when you are doing something good. Tiger Rock’s Tyler Texas karate for kids will give your kid just that and more. Call us at (903) 509-8782 or visit us one day to learn more!