Tyler Texas Best Martial Arts School

Posted on April 1, 2019 by Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Have you heard of the Tyler Texas best martial arts school? Tiger Rock Acadamy prides itself in being one of the premier schools for martial arts in the country. We have excelled in teaching Taekwondo and Karate, our students periodically fight in national and international tournaments. The instructors we employ have been certified to teach these fighting styles and are continuously studying to improve just like you are! Our dojo doesn’t decrease in quality because every day we’re working to increase the value of our academy. Just as it is for mastering a martial art, you must be patient and disciplined. This is Tiger Rock’s core business outlook, and we extend that to all of our students and instructors. Since we are located so close by, the convenience and quality we offer won’t be found at any other school of martial arts. Come check us out today!

Tyler Texas Best Martial Arts School

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History of Martial Arts

The universal culture of fighting has been ingrained in human society for millennia. Since the dawn of time, there has been recorded evidence of fighting arts. This dates back before the Egyptian peoples, further back even before the Chinese invented their kung fu. It is a realm of science that studies war, and the relationships between one fighter and another. They are culture bound but only through the legacies of fighters. Legendary masters who spent their lives trying to understand these relations deeper left immortal marks.

From all over the world fighting styles emerged that reigned supreme. Their superior combinations juxtaposed attack and defense with personal intrigue. They spoke with their movements and expressed a deeper level of power and coordination capable of a warrior. This universal art is intrinsically tied to the physiology of the human. Each fighting style represents a different ideology, and no two are exactly the same. In fact, masters reanalyze and innovate these styles still today. The instructors at our school are deeply embedded in this ever-changing universe, and now you can be too.

Taekwondo Is Our Preference

At Tiger Rock, the most prominent fighting style that we study will be Taekwondo. This is a Korean martial art that was originally established after the Second World War. It blends older Chinese and Korean traditions as well as the Okinawan fighting style known as Karate. However, unlike Karate it is defensive in nature. It is one of the most popular fighting styles in the world because of the reputation it has as a protective martial art. We extract many methods from Taekwondo in our efforts to train students in self-defense. The moves focus on a variety of kicks and strikes, as well as combinations for speed.

The goal of our academy is to train students to be proficient in this fighting style. Through this route, you will become more flexible and self-confident in your motor skills. The cognition needed to make decisions at speed is a great way to exercise the mind and body’s coordination. Through our classes, we can teach both the authentic techniques of Taekwondo or the basic moves needed for self-defense. We offer programs for both and they are accessible to all ages.

What Is The Difference Between Age Groups?

The beautiful thing about martial arts is they are limited to human physiology. This means that every able-bodied human is capable of achieving the same feats of the body. There is a finite amount of range and strength that each body part can muster when it comes to fighting. The mind is doing just as much work as the body. Attempting to know which move will be most effective and when to use it demonstrates immense intelligence.

Since age widely determines how accessible our body and mind are to us, we can break our training down into levels. Therefore, we can focus on different aspects of certain ages. For instance, children do not have the strength or mental capacity to understand complex moves and combinations. That is why we will only teach them basic movements for control and coordination. Before we teach any moves, this happens first.  It is the most effective way to teach a child in their early years. As you increase in age, we reveal more complex levels of Taekwondo.

We have four levels of training that are based on this: Childhood development, elementary school students, teenagers, and adults. However, we make adjustments based on your skill level so you won’t have to worry about whether you’re in the wrong caliber or age group. This way, if a student begins our program at an early age, we can teach a steadily advancing curriculum of Taekwondo as your age increases.

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Tyler Texas Best Martial Arts School

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Tiger Rock is the best martial art school in Tyler Texas. Our classes are unparalleled and demonstrate authentic training for Taekwondo that you won’t find anywhere else. Let our instructors nurture and cultivate your talents, you have immense potential just waiting to come to life! If you have a busy schedule or don’t think you have the skills, don’t worry! We can work with you on both, Tiger Rock has great flexibility for schedules and skill levels. We can find the time and training that works for you.

Learning a martial art is something we believe every person should try out. It can truly change the way you look at life, its great character development, and shows you how you can approach all sorts of problems differently. More importantly, it’s a way to strengthen the connection between your body and mind. That’s the only bond anyone can ever truly make so work with us to make it tight! If you’re looking to start classes with us, give us a call at our location is 4027 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75701. However, you can visit our website, also. Tiger Rock is always looking for new students. We hope to hear from you soon!