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Kids Martial Arts Classes

Kids are full of energy! And what better way to turn that energy into discipline and focus with kids’ martial arts classes at Tiger-Rock in Tyler!

Children 4 to 11 will participate in exciting, age-appropriate taekwondo lessons. These lessons are a mix of physical fitness, self-defense, and life skills training that will keep your child healthy, active, and safe.

Plus, we extensively teach Tiger-Rock kids how to protect themselves against bullies and what to do in situations when approached by strangers.

Teen and Adult Martial Arts Classes

Is losing weight one of your goals? How about a physical activity that will help you stay fit and reduce stress—without having to go to the gym? Taekwondo martial arts lessons is a popular alternative, and Tiger-Rock is a top destination for students like you in Tyler.

We offer evening teen and adult martial arts classes throughout the week. It’s the perfect way to close out your hectic day with a fun, high-energy training session on the mat. Set goals, sharpen your mental and physical keenness, and acquire new skills by training at Tiger-Rock Tyler.

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